Management Projects
ERP Project Modeling Trust, Privacy and Security Issues In Conventional ERP Scenario
ERP Project Conceptualization of Agile ERP
Personalized Medicine Identifying challenges and critical changes in the adoption of personalized medicine
Personalized Medicine Identifying success factors in the adoption of personalized medicine
MIS Project Case study: MIS at SKS Microfinance
Intellectual Property Management Case study: Southern States Communications
Project Management Improved Ergonomic Chair case
Mathematics and Statistics Projets
Regression Regression analysis of nutrient content Of various food items
Time Series Time series analysis to determine the effects of total rainfall between monsoon and winter reason
Non-Linear Dynamics Identifying the types of bifurcation
Tribology Hydrodynamic gas bearing
Art Projects
ART401A: Hero Review: Hero
ART401A: Humanity and Paper Balloons Review: Humanity and Paper Balloons
ART406A: Art Criticism Ancient European Art
ART406A: Art Criticism Romanticism
ART406A: Art Criticism Anselm Kiefer
ART402A: Modern Art From Realism to Impressionism